Our company is a manufacturer of bridal costumes, designing, planning and manufacturing Irouchikake and Shiromuku. In an exclusive factory in our company, skilled craftsmen make the most of their craftsmanship to weave a wedding costume that will be the bride of a good day. We are working on the production of costumes that reflect the needs and trends of the workplace, rather than manufacturing with the satisfaction of the manufacturer. our company is aiming to be the only wedding clothing manufacturer in the industry.


We introduce "Shiromuku" and "Color Uchikake" and a brief explanation of the manufacturing process. We hope that you will feel the greatness and interest of "Japanese marriage" at the wedding, and we are sending it from "Kyoto". We hope that visitors to this site will take a fresh look at Japanese traditional culture, feel the beauty of "made in Japan" and feel the new "discovery" and "perceptual" about harmony, as well as the "learning" about Japanese culture inherited from the forerunners of the age.


Irouchikake, which looks gorgeous, is a formal dress for a bride, which is the most prestigious wedding dress. Irou Uchikake is produced in a wide range of styles, from orthodox ones with classical patterns to unique color Uchikake that looks like the latest trend of instars. We try to make products that can meet various requests of the bride who is going to have a wedding. This costume is very gorgeous to wear at a wedding reception. In addition, it is very popular from overseas, and it seems that they sell it at a high price as an interior decoration.

Uchikake Products


The white of Shiromuku means "virginity" and "to be influenced by the style of one's family" and is considered to be a suitable costume for a wedding ceremony to be married into a new house. This Shiromuku is not used for a reception, but for a solemn wedding, and is considered the most prestigious costume. In addition to the normal design, the series also features a luxurious Shiromuku pattern woven with Karaori yarn and more than 50 designs.

Shiromuku Products

Japanese sundries

We sell miscellaneous goods and accessories made of Uchikake fabric. It has a wide variety of items such as a pencil case and coin purse.

Japanese sundries Products

Remake Products

A new formal dress style is made with used Tomesode fabric. Each item is one-of-a-kind.


The weaving artisan Yasuhira makes full use of the skills he has cultivated over the years to repair and regenerate various costumes. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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